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A gentle breeze of air, sand on your clothes, and a stomach full of delicious mezze. You must be in Larnaca. The seafront resort is a paradise for foodies, sun lovers, and anyone looking for a romantic gateway. 

Saint Lazarus church in Larnaca, Cyprus

Saint Lazarus church in Larnaca, Cyprus. Photo by PixMeta Studio

The modern and always busy resort was inhabited about 6000 years ago, and in history it was known as Kition. The settlement witnessed so many rulers and ages; it was a crossroads of civilization, suffered from Byzantine invasion, and became the island’s main port after Roman times. Larnaca, boasting historical sites, has much more to offer besides pure beaches and endless coasts. 

Larnaca – Best for culture and nightlife

This ancient town with thousands of years of history is now a modern and active resort with a vibrant cultural life. Skala is the neighborhood with restaurants, bars, fish taverns, and cafes lined up on narrow streets and are always busy. 

The central beach of Larnaca - Finikoudes

The central beach of Larnaca – Finikoudes. Image by PixMeta Studio

The downtown Larnaca area, close to Finikoudes Beach, is the heart of Larnaca and the first place to visit. Here you will find the Church of Saint Lazarus, the street with boutiques, and Marina.

Your guide to Larnaca

The beaches of Larnaca are the gem of the town, and the first thing you rush to see upon arrival. So far, Kastella Beach is the best experience in Larnaca, with golden sand and clear shallows. You can stay here a whole day and not worry about lunch or dinner; you will find some fine fish taverns close to the beach with traditional Greek food. Leisure travel is always great, especially at the seaside, but the island and Larnaca have so much to offer. Let’s explore the top 10 popular attractions not to miss in the town and close to Larnaca.

  • Spot thousands of pink flamingos on the Larnaca Salt Lake. During winter, the lake is home for thousands of migrating birds. For the rest of the year you can visit the lake to explore its 4 km loop trail.
  • Go scuba diving to find the sank MS Zenobia wreck. Start at 16 meters and try to go down to 40 meters to discover rich marine life. 
  • Shop traditional pottery at Emira Pottery, popular attraction on the island where you can watch the process of crafting clay pots and buy one.
  • Take a romantic sunset cruise drifting on the waters, drinking champagne, dip into crystal clear waters, and explore the parts of the island you can reach only by boat.
  • Walk to the 4th-century Stavrovouni Monastery, located high on the hill, to enjoy the best view of the town and the coast. Monastery has strict rules. For example, women are not permitted to enter the monastery, and men must follow a dress code.
  • Check another historical site of Larnaca at the end of the Finikoudes promenade, Larnaca Castle, built to protect the town. Today, the castle hosts a museum showcasing the history of Larnaca.
  • Take the most exciting wine tasting tour to the Troodos Mountains and discover the taste of Commanderia, the oldest named dessert wine. 
  • Don’t miss out on the most impressive building, the Church of St Lazarus, one bright example of Buzanine architecture.
  • Learn to make traditional Greek Halloumi cheese in Troodos Mountains near Larnaca and have snacks with your cheese.
  • Tour the Cape Greco National Park to see the sea caves, the best-hidden treasures of the island. 
Athenon - the seafront street in Larnaca, Cyprus

Athenon – the seafront street in Larnaca, Cyprus. Photo by PixMeta Studio

Finikoudes is a wide and long beach located in the center of Larnaca

Finikoudes is a wide and long beach located in the center of Larnaca. Photo by PixMeta Studio

How much does it cost to stay in Larnaca for a week?

Your adventure in Larnaca starts at Larnaca International Airport, the largest on the island. It is a definite advantage when considering other destinations in Cyprus. The town is quite small, so if you are not planning on sightseeing, you can get by without renting a car or spending on taxis. The center of Larnaca is packed with cafes, restaurants, and shops, so there is no need to go far for a night out. 

A small one-way street in Larnaca, Cyprus

A small one-way street in Larnaca, Cyprus. Image by PixMeta Studio

The tourist infrastructure is well-developed, like in any other town on the island. But you should also be ready to pay high prices, like in any other resort town. Actually, Larnaca is the second most expensive city on the island, after Limassol. You can find both 5-star hotels and pocket-friendly guest houses. It is practical to plan your budget to stay away from unexpected “surprises.” 

  1. You will spend about 700 EUR for a cheap stay for 7 days.
  2. A budget travel for 7 days will be 850 EUR.
  3. 1,000 EUR will be the cost for comfortable stay.
  4. Be ready to pay 2,500 EUR for a week of luxury holidays.

The best time to visit Larnaca

The timing of your vacation is no less significant. Cyprus is the most popular summer destination, but it is also the most crowded. From late July through August, the beaches will be full of tourists, and the prices will skyrocket for accommodation. The best time to visit Larnaca is mid-May to mid-June, or September.

Finikoudes beach, Larnaca Cyprus

Finikoudes beach, Larnaca Cyprus. Photo by PixMeta Studio

Winter is suitable for guests who visit Cyprus for sightseeing rather than to spend time on the beach. The temperature may drop to 14 degrees with frequent winds. From mid-October to mid-April, you will enjoy low season rates and fewer crowds throughout the island.


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