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Visit Larnaca - the sunny destination in Cyprus where the best travel experience guaranteed!

There’s more to summer than just the heat. It is sun and sea, golden sand, and rich architecture. We could give you any destination description in this form, but those words are more than true for Larnaca’s twinkling golden shores.


It’s lifestyle series time today! We will take you through Larnaca, the premier resort and the second-largest city in Cyprus. It boasts a wealth of attractions: historical monuments, rich marine life, and an easy-going vibe you won't find anywhere else. With the skyrocketing number of tourists after a long pause, Larnaca has gotten over 53% more tourists (1,6 million tourists visited Cyprus this year).

The cost of living in Larnaca

Whether you plan to visit Larnaca as a tourist for a week or stay here longer, the first thing you care about is your budget. Cyprus is ranked 39th on the list of the most expensive countries, while Larnaca is the 2nd most expensive city in Cyprus. With its international airport, Larnaca is even more accessible to tourists as a final destination or transit point.


If you are planning your budget, here is a rough estimation of expenses for a month. Without rent, you will spend around €840 (€1230 with rent). For lunch in an inexpensive restaurant or street food spot, you will pay €15. Dinner for two may cost you around €40-€70. Hotel prices differ depending on the season and location. 

Is it worth visiting Larnaca?

Larnaca can mean good food, heart-melting sunsets, and priceless historical heritage. But first of all, we come here for the scenic beaches of the Mediterranean coast. There are many famous beaches to choose from, but if you're looking for a secluded spot with golden sand and calm turquoise waters, Kastella Beach is a perfect choice. Don't forget to visit one of the popular fish taverns to savor the gift of the sea! If you don’t find traditional souvlaki in those cafes, make sure you taste it in the town because no trip to Larnaca is complete without souvlaki served with pita, tahini, and tzatziki. 

The best moments are spent on the beach, but spare a moment or two to visit St. Lazarus Church and the Ecclesiastical Museum in Larnaca. There is an interesting legend about Saint Lazarus and the church built in the 9th century on the land where he was buried. Relics and icons of the church are stored in the Byzantine museum across the courtyard.

We know you like unique places, so here are some hidden gems in Larnaca not to miss. The Salt and Pepper Museum, the second one of its kind following the Israeli museum, showcases a collection of 20.000 unique salt and pepper shakers from around the world. 


Grab your swimfins; next, we are going deep into the sea to find the Zenobia Shipwreck, a large ferry that sank in 1980. The ship is all covered with seaweed, and the ship's unique marine life is worth seeing. 

Exploring Larnaca and beyond

Larnaca has the sound of hypnotic waves, the taste of bittersweet wine and olives, and the smell of sun-kissed skin. People come here to be a little more relaxed, carefree, and happy. Larnaca is where you leave your worries behind, watch the endless horizon touching the sea, and just dream. Feels like heaven!


We are not leaving this place soon, and in search of other heaven-like places, let’s head out of Larnaca to see equally exceptional scenes and activities.

First, let’s drive away from tourist areas to the Larnaca countryside to dive into the life of traditional villages with cobbled streets, colorful houses, and tiny churches. We will draw a cycle through Lefkara, Tochni, Vavla, Kato Drys, Skarinou, and Kalavasos, exploring the traditions of rural life, tasting dishes, and watching people without any filters. 


A true traveler is one who travels on foot, so park your car and head out onto a Cape Greco hiking trail. Set between two of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Agia Napa and Protaras, you will stroll straight to Konnos Beach to cool off in the sea as the best reward after a long hike. The cave-punctured cliffs along the Cape Greco Peninsula, framed by a stunning blue ocean, are the peninsula's true treasure. 


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How much does it cost to book a hotel in Larnaca?

Too much romantic fluff? Here is some practical information for your stay in Larnaca

The tourist infrastructure is well-developed in Cyprus and Larnaca, which means you will have no difficulty finding accommodation. Whether you trust the choice of a tour operator or look for hotels online, there are dozens of options in different price segments. Already planning a budget?


Here is a rough estimation: you’ll pay around €198 per night for a 5-star hotel with a 9+ rating. A place in a hostel may cost about €22. The in-between options, such as guest houses, hotel apartments, and B&B hotels, may cost about €110. In the high season, there may be price fluctuations, so it is always advised to plan your stay.


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